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I'm pretty much on the same boat.....
Moving this I am decorating, I started this morning and I have a 2 bed flat to complete by Thursday/Friday. That's including furniture assembly and all that funky stuff.

I will experiment for sure, just for fun.
If it works out, naturally I'll strip board it, then you guys can all have a copy!
(But you gotta build it yourself!) IF YOU LIKE IT THAT IS!

I've done a bit of quick thinking,
As I don't think I have an AND gate as such I may have to build the 555 version (vs an actual IC)
I have a quad Nand which might not work? (This part is up in the air.....)

But the plan is Schmitt trigger for signal (hex 40106ic)
(Any spare outputs can be simple I/O lights)
Into the and gate (your randomness idea)
And perhaps at least one feed into the 4017 ic.
That should give 10-16 separate lights (but ten will be phased the same, if placed around the layout it should be ok?)

Ps there may be errors in the above thought process! My head is busy elsewhere........
But this is a niggle now!

You can only drink so much lemonade
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