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Originally Posted by chris_db4 View Post
I just had a look, and turns out I put the very basic Hornby chip in it which unfortunately means its very limited for the CV's that can be changed so there isn't much detail on what mine is set to as it really only covers acceleration and deceleration.

What chip are you using?
Laisdcc. They’re fine in all my other locos
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You said you adjusted some of the CV's and couldn't get it to run any slower, was this 2,5,6 if so changing 2 it should be possible to make it low enough to slow down, alternative would be to change CV29 and then use the complex speed curve option. don't really know, perhaps worth asking in the DCC section as it must just be a setting needing tweaked, although after looking through the Laisdcc manual I now like my simple Hornby one
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The oddity of Modelrailheads, everywhere, is that unlike other models, such as slot
cars, we like to see how slowly our vehicles can travel. In later years, manufacturers
appear to have taken some notice, Bachmann had a lovely Terrier that had a 50:1
gear ratio, and my more recent Hornby pieces of recent vintage run quite nicely.
Here is a Hornby 0-6-0 performing her stop and start duties flawlessly, though I
might have used a gentler hand upon the throttle:
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Not before time are manufacturers starting to take note and building locos with the potential to run slow reliably. There's nothing more incongruous looking than an 08 rattling around an oval at a scale speed of something like 70mph when the full sized one has a maximum speed around 15mph.

As for my favourite loco, then I have to reveal my guilty secret. It has little to do with perfect running. Although, for it's period it runs reliably and can run relatively slowly. It's my Hornby R376 LMS Compound. Why? Well I am a bit of a steam lover, hence many of my models reflect this and this particular model was the first tender loco I acquired. I think it's a good transition engine between more "modern" steam engines and the more ancient stuff. But it looks, to me, mighty fine in that livery, showing it off better than others. So there.
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I was speaking to train drivers who told me the class 08's will actually touch 30 mph but are prone to bending their con rods at higher speeds. (I'd asked as back in the 1980's I'd noticed 08's were booked as 20mph while 09's were booked as 30 top speeds and yet I believe 09's were later reduced).
They have internal gears to each wheel so they can actually run without external con rods from what I was told.
One 08 did get to travel at at least 70-80mph by accident. It had just brought in a train of coaches and the movement had been delayed. In the haste to get the train out, a class 47 was coupled on the front of the train and the station charge men gave the right of way before the 08 had been uncoupled. All the train crew could do was screw the brake down, cling on and pray! The 08 did a fair few miles before someone noticed and the train was finally stopped at Port Talbot as Neath staff had noticed it on the back with the traincrew trying to grab their attention.The 08 was OK except its wheels were no longer round so the journey back to Landore depot in Swansea must have been an eventful one.

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