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I am with you WTD. john
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Don't agree with the selling percentage. That is a perk of subscribing to this forum.

Donations yes, selling fee's no.
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Originally Posted by Mr Bones View Post
Don't agree with the selling percentage. That is a perk of subscribing to this forum.

Donations yes, selling fee's no.
That's why i suggested having a non member for sale area, where people who don't want to register can still advertise their items but with a small fee,
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OK I have managed to keep quiet up till now on this thread but it's now time for my two-pennyworth in Powerpoint fashion.

1. This has all started because someone was having security problems using a particular browser (Firefox I believe). Well I (and many others it seems) use Firefox and don't have a problem so it just seems a tweak in the member's browser security settings is all that is required.

2. There have been no dire warnings AFAIK that the forum is about to shut down through lack of funds.

3. There are many similar forums out there that don't make a charge.

4. IMHO it would be a bad idea to charge commission on sales. Again I don't see a precedent on other forums. Regarding the eBay argument, the eBay audience is many thousands more than the forum membership and much more likely to raise the asked price. However I still think the Sales section on this forum is a good idea to offer our own membership "first choice" before selling elsewhere as that is part and parcel of a community such as ours. Introducing a commission will just stop sales all together as others have already indicated.

5. If it aint broke don't try to fix it. If and when a problem arises we can discuss it sensibly then. Newbies just checking out this forum for the first time will run a mile when they read about proposed membership fees. For that reason alone I propose that this thread is a bad idea and should be removed entirely.
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Originally Posted by Tinker View Post
And who would keep tabs on the amount due, Flash Bang and any other Mods won't want to take on the extra for them unpaid work, i haven't seen Flash Bang indicate there's a need for extra revenue anyway, maybe somebody should ask this question before all these ideas come forth......
Correct Tinker.
At this stage there is no requirement or need for any money.
All this has grown from the possibility the forum may need to have an SSL certification which could possibly cost an additional amount to the existing web site hosting fees.

I have written to the forums owner to ask about SSL certification and having a HTTPS:// address. Still pending his reply.

Thank you to every one who has posted ideas to raise revenue, but its not necessary at this time. Some good ideas if ever needed though.

Perhaps its time to put this one to bed now?
Broken? It was working when I left it!
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Flashbang :-

Probably best to close/archive Thanks for all the responses.
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