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Hi Ted, thanks.

I am actually near the Brissie airport, more or less under the flight path – I get to see some lovely close ups of those magnificent machines, wheels down “floating” in to land. The Airbuses in particular are something to see.

I couldn’t say whether your Frank would be a relative or not, I have not known of any contact my family has had with English Maycocks in my life time, though I know they are there due to a story my father told me (which we thought was funny though others might not).

Apparently my grandfather went to visit relatives when he was in England for recuperation and R&R after being shot in France during WW1. When he got there they shut the door in his face and sent him packing. It turned out that his older brother, another WW1 vet, had visited some months previously and he had made such an “arse” of himself that they wanted nothing to do with my grandfather.

Such is life, I guess.
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JohnM. Have you considered 009/H0e? Is the narrow gauge of 00/H0. The narrow gauge means you can turn in a tighter area and short train lengths tend to look good.

I love the next scale up which is the narrow gauge of 0 gauge (7mm scale narrow gauge known as 0-16.5 or 0e or 0n30 depending on where you are).
I have found that in this size that though I started of with a board 2' x 3', that I needed to double the length to include a passing loop, so it is now 2' x 7' with an oval of track.

The larger the scale the easier things are to see. The smaller the scale the less space you need. Narrow gauge does have the advantage here and why I recommend it.

The only slight drawback to 009/H0e (009 is the narrow gauge of 00 and H0e is the narrow gauge of H0, which is where most ready made factory models are found) is that most locos ready made are of larger prototypes, so that you may find you need to turn on a 2ft wide board rather then go narrower. 009/H0e use N gauge track width.
As the larger 7mm narrow gauge usually has modellers which prefer the larger scale which uses 00/H0 track gauge width, yet like to model in a small space, there are many kits available to convert small 00 or H0 gauge locomotives into this scale. Most of them are based on small 0-4-0 locos, especially those Hornby shunters which are preferred due to their small size, huge availability and their budget prices.

I enclose a photograph of my portable layout under construction. (Ignore the handmade track as you dont have to do that... Ready made track is available to save the work involved!) If you have space for about five or more feet in length (About 7 to 8 ft work better) then this scale and gauge may cater for your needs.

If you can only spare 4ft in length, then I'd take a look at H0e. I would invest in one of those plastic railing tools, which is really needed for the smaller 009/H0e gauge width. They are available for both scales (Marketed as N gauge or 00/H0 gauge depending on which scale you choose) and they make things easier. They dont always work, but 9 times out of 10 they will aid the locos wheels or any other items wheels to slide onto the track.

I hope I've given you some ideas of what is possible in a small space.
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Hi John and welcome to our forum.
If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong
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