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Default Hi from Brisbane Australia.

Hi all,

I am sort of new to this. I did have what I called a blank canvas, the track work was done but it was waiting for landscaping (I also intended to add sensors and such for various operations linked to a pc). It was quite a reasonably sized L shaped set up with 3 mainlines (4 trains/analogue) on a 3m/10’ by 1.35m/4’6” rectangle with a 1.3m/4’4” square to form the L carrying a loop back over the top. I won’t go into it but some years ago circumstances changed and I had to break it up and store it due to a lack of space.

Recently my son asked me for it, he now has 3 young boys and decided it was time to get them a train set, and so I handed it over. However this left a “big hole” in me - I had big plans for it, even though it looked like a might never get the chance to resurrect it. It is like a dream has been shattered.

So now I am thinking about starting again, but on a smaller scale. I am thinking about an N scale set up on a 1.2m/4’ x .9m/3’ layout.

And that is why I am here (questions to come).

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Hi John, welcome to the forum. plenty of help and advice on here, looking forward to seeing your new layout.
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Hi John, welcome to the site. I am also here for the info and talk as I know little about railways but enjoy everything that goes with it .
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Hi John, Welcome to the forum. Wow a blank canvas. I have a 00 layout which has developed over the years and I am happy to tell you all the faults I made when I had a blank canvas.
1. N gauge is small and I get the impression we are similar ages with grandchildren. N gauge is too small for me. I have enough trouble with 00 and quite often use hobby magnifiers when working on locos
2. Make a good baseboard- strong and warp proof, which with Brisbane's humidity could be an issue. There are some good articles on using plastic roofing!!!!!
3. If you need inclines design them carefully, especially the transitions
4. Take your time laying track making sure it is as level as possible
5. Most important ENJOY
Peter S

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Mr Bones
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Hi John and welcome to the forum. Very helpful and friendly bunch on here so ask away and someone should be able to assist. Good luck with it all, look forward to seeing it progress - no pressure
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Welcome John to a friendly, helpful forum. Ask away.
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Hi John,
Welcome to the forum.
We look forward to reading more from you.
Broken? It was working when I left it!
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Mountain Goat
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Hi and welcome.
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Ah my new friends, thank you all for the welcomes.

I am not sure where I should start posting queries and such, as I believe this is just the introduction thread?

Maz066, you raised a couple of things I need to look into further, which I will get back to later, but for now point 1.

Before joining I came across a few posts here discussing N gauge that mentioned poor eye sight and shaking hands – I suffer from both (62 in a couple of weeks). So last week I bought an N scale Metcalfe manor farm kit as I needed to get some perspective on the size (I am not buying any trains or track until I am sure I want to go ahead) and boy oh boy wasn’t that an effort to put together. You are not wrong about that issue.

However space is my problem, as well as portability. I am a renter and here in Aus if you’re a renter your “castle” can be sold out from under you. At any time I could find myself having to move (again).

And then there is what I would like. I really want to be able to run two (short) trains on separate but linked circuits and a couple of sidings to park them on – I wouldn’t be able to do this with ho/oo on a 4’x3’ layout, indeed it seems I may be pushing my luck here even with N gauge (I have the free version of AnyRail6).

And so I feel I need to persevere with N gauge, though perhaps a stronger pair of magnifying glasses might be in order and I do have a 5” magnifying glass with led lights that mounts to my work area.

In any case, the answers to some other questions may force me to rethink the set up – we will see.
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G'day John and welcome. What part of Brissie are you? My son is in Red Hill 4059 and I was there 10 years ago - my only visit - great part of a great country. 10 years older than you and not in the best of health so sadly might not get out there again
Keep on asking questions as there are plenty of knowledgeable folks on here.(I'm not one!)
BTW, back in the 70's worked on British Rail in Dover with one Frank Maycock - no relation by any chance?
All the best.


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