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Default sundeala support

I know Sundeala isn't everyone's favourite baseboard but hopefully someone can give me advice. I have 1.2m x 0.6m boards, and will be supporting them on timber crossbraces every 60cm. So each board will have a support along each short end and one across the middle, if that makes any sense. Do I need lengthways bracing as well?
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In my opinion it is better to lay it on a well supported ply base. It is prone to warp so on its own will need lots of cross bracing.
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Just use ply.

If you really must use sundeala then I would recommend supports at not more than 12 inch or 30cm spacing lengthwise and across, otherwise it may sag too much.
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Rog (RJ)

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One could always model a narrow gauge peat bog railway? A warped board would look the part.
Probably a good idea if you use thematerial, to use a stiffer board underneath as it will support it. My boards are MDF. Not ideal as they are heavy, but it is what II already have so I'm making use of them. Ply is the most popular material to use and is the recommended material here.
In the past, for a permanent layout, I've used chipboard with success, though my boards were an inch thick, so cutting out holes for around 46 point motors was not easy!
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If you are only going to support it every 60 cm then it will be sagging like field full of duck ponds in no time at all..
I Did read some where that Peco recommend the stuff back in the 70s. I dont think it was long before they changed their minds. They no longer recommend it as far as I know.. Why dont you just ask Peco. Give them a ring.
To support this board you will need so much framing the boards will end up being heavy I would think, and more expensive.
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Place a piece of Plywood or MDF around 4mm to 6mm thick under the Sundela to act as a sub base. This gives good support to the Sundela sheeting being being fixed to the sub base.
Your wooden framing, should ideally be around a 350mm to 450mm grid.
600mm spacing is IMO to far apart.
Think of a baseboard as being the foundations of you whole layout. Make it too weak and the board fails over time.
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Mike Parkes
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Last layout I used it on I could not get piece to flatten out properly but that actually helped as the slight downward slope at one end was perfect for getting trains to drop down and back up through a backscene of low relief buildings.
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alan stonebridge
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My knowledge and experience cannot come close to the knowledgeable folk who have already expressed their very negative opinions on Sundaela but I feel I should speak of my much more positive thoughts.

Using open topped baseboards and vertical supports every 30 cms approximately, I have never had a problem with warping of the Sundaela. I realise this may be due to the fact that my railway room is dry and reasonably well insulated, but I felt i had to offer up the opposite view to most of those that were being expressed.
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FWIW, I'm using extruded polystyrene foam as my base, which isn't too dissimilar from Sundeala I think. Mine was actually branded as underfloor heating insulation, but it's essentially the same thing. The styrofoam base is around 10mm thick, sitting on top of a sheet of 10mm chipboard, which is itself on a wooden frame to add even more rigidity. My layout is in my garage, so time will tell whether these are good decisions!

I'm already loving the styrofoam as a base, simply because of how easy it is to landscape. But it's not the sturdiest of materials on its own, and you may well run into issues in the long run if you're only bracing every 60cm; it'll probably be fine initially, but I can imagine it sagging eventually. If you're not using anything underneath, my gut feel is bracing (even with thin timber) every 30-40cm might be appropriate. And be careful how much weight of scenery you end up putting on top, of course.
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I've had experience of Sundeala warping even braced at 30x30cm. Wouldn't use it again - but if you do, I'd take the earlier advice and back it with ply.
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