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Originally Posted by Mountain Goat View Post
Thanks Cudworth. You've explained a lot. Though I've never owned one myself, I've heard about non compatibility issues but not known much more.
Same here. Thanks
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It is worth noting that upgrading the Select to v1.5 also gets you control of all 29 functions, handy if you have a sound loco. Earlier versions were limited to 9 functions.
If you do go for a Select it can always be used as a walkabout controller strapped to an Elite should you upgrade controllers within Hornby.
Halton Brat, running Hornby 00 via Elite, Select Walkabout and eLink DCC using Railmaster Pro and occasionally Rocrail, β-tester.
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I'm with those who say avoid the Hornby Select.
Even though they have improved it, it's one of the most clunky, awkward DCC systems available and very limited. Personally, I'd avoid it like the plague.

The suggestion to look at the Roco MultiMaus is a good one.
The MultiMaus is widely available on eBay from model shops and dealers who have split them out of Roco train-sets, selling the brand-new DCC controller and trains separately.
Most of the sellers are in Germany, but there are a couple of UK based dealers, including one in Manchester, that split new digital train-sets this way. It makes no difference where the seller is based though, while we're still in the EU.
Prices for the complete MultiMaus set range from only around 75 to 90.
This represents a big saving on buying separately and almost half the price of the next step up to something like the NCE PowerCab.

The Roco z21 is also commonly available through the same dealers and as mentioned previously, the MultiMaus handset can be used with it too.

As for a nearby DCC specialist; it looks like DCC Concepts are the nearest of any substance.
They have opened their UK showroom in Settle, right next to the railway station.
According to Google, that's about a 1hr 20min drive from Wigan.

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Speaking as a guy who has 2 Hornby select Walkabouts, operating from a Hornby Elite, i must disagree with some of the postings. I have Hornby, Bachmann, and MTH sound locos, all of which work fine with the select. As rob says, to get all the 28 functions for the MTH, you do need an updated select, but Hornby do this for 15. My location, of layout, means i cannot use Z21, but i can find no fault with these controllers. I accept the select is fairly large, as a walkabout, compared with the Morley ones i use with DC. However, i now have 3 controllers evenly spaced on the layout, for ease of use. There are several guys on Hornby forum, using same system, who are well content. In my case, i started with Railmaster, computer control, so this was a natural progression. I accept there may be better systems out there, but not for the price you can acquire a secondhand Elite, and Select for. john
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