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Default diamaond wiring help

Help I have put in a SL-E194 diamond crossover on my layout with 2 points. so I can run from the outer main across the inner main to a siding, am using dc but want to be able to change to dcc when I have to with out any wiring changes,
the point motors in using are dcc concepts ip digital so they have built in switch's for changing the frog but I need help a wiring diagram for the 4 frog droppers but only two built in switchs. can anyone help please.
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With DCC it's easy. There are 4 frogs numbered 1-4 reading from left to right on your picture. Frogs 1 and 3 always need the same polarity so are simply wired together and switched from LH point motor using 1 switch. Likewise 2 and 4 are wired together and switched by RH the point motor. All you need to remember is that, when a train is taking the centre road of the 3 lines, the points must also be set to the straight direction and not over the crossing. Otherwise the train will short on the diamond.

For DC - assuming the centre road is using a different controller to the other two lines - then you will need to switch each diamond frog separately using the second switch on the Cobalt, with this switch being fed from the supply to the centre road. You have one switch on each point motor - 1 for each frog. Once again you just need to remember to set the points to the straight road when using the centre track.

This arrangement for DC will also work for DCC when you come to start using that.

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Update: for DC you may need extra switches depending on whether the tracks have separate controllers. There's a wiring diagram for this in the Peco instructions which you can download from here -

Diagram 6 is the relevant one.
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