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Originally Posted by Footplate1947 View Post
With the greatest respect. I think that this whole idea is the most stupid idea I have ever heard.
Every body in the industry for many years has tried to rolling stock which is as free running as possible and to finely balance the weight of the models to best advantage so they run with least resistance and are able to run on the track and over points in a realistic and reliable way.
Far as I can see your ideas are not going to improve anything but make thing worse.
Somebody sugested that it may not be a good idea. I think it is a terrible idea. Better off to look at how the manufactures do it. They have been designing rolling stock for many years and are quite good at it on the whole. Why dont you ask your self why none of the manufactures have tried such things as fly wheels in rolling stock. Maybe they have.
They have over the years tested many different types of wheels and axles with thick bearing and pin point bearing. It always ends up that the design of least resistance wins every time.
I agree with your sentiment. A flywheels stored energy is a function of its rotational speed simply rotating it at axle speed would be almost pointless.
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Thanks, I appreciate it was a long shot. Coming up with a "new" idea is going to be a rarity in this established hobby!! Still, it's good to know the reasons behind conventions, and to reassure myself I'm definitely going in the right direction intentionally.
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