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Tools Suggest or recommend suitable tools for use in constructing your model railway.

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Horses for courses. I am also a fan of the "buy the best you can" school of thought. But for most of us, the piggy bank only holds so much. So you have to be a bit selective. If I want a tool that I shall use a lot, then I'll splash out and get quality and reliability. If I see something that might be useful but get used infrequently, then perhaps something a little cheaper will let me own it, give me that capability and still leave me some dosh to buy the top notch things I need.
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Wise words Pedros
If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong
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This is an interesting conversation for me.

I'm a big fan of buying 'quality' over 'cheap tat', I was brought up that way and I would rather purchase a quality item once, than a poorer alternative twice or more. That said, I have found that the 'cheap tat' in Aldi and Lidl, has been at least on par with several items of 'quality' at a much higher price I have purchased over the years.

I am quite happy with my limited experience of the Dremmel like tool I purchased at the weekend, in comparison to the last three years with an actual Dremmel product.
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Tricky Dicky
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I got to agree with Ginger, if you want tools to last a lifetime then quality over tat is the order of the day. However, those of us who are nearer our appointment with the grim reaper may question the need to buy " lifetime" quality tools.

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