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I had to wait 30 seconds for mine to reset. It was annoying when one may not know what the cause was for the overload... Was it this...(Making an alteration..) Nope... Another 30 seconds later.... (No visual indication or noise of the cut out...Tripped again... ).
A Gaugemaster or another make with a bit more "Oomph" to it, which is designed to be safe to use but not too over safe that it is frustrating... That is the luxury you need. With Gaugemaster I tend to prefer either hand held or panel mounted controllers,but one does need to buy a seperate transformer (Buy a Gaugemaster cased transformer designed for it... Make sure it is cased).
Having said that, the Gaugemaster controller which is a big seller is the twin cased controller. Hattons seem to do a decent price for those. Their budget controller, the Combi is very popular. Gaugemaster DC controllers have a very good guarantee.
Another company who make lovely looking controllers these days (DC) is Morley. I've tried one and it looks a decent controller.
I really like the look of Modelex controllers. These are either in hand held or panel mounted form so one needs to buy a seperate transformer (Cased for safety) that is suitable to run them. I like the fact that these have nice looking toggle switches and dials, and also have power and overload visual indication.
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