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Too straight or too curved? Well it depends on the look you are trying to achieve. In the UK, there are miles of straight line. One impressive line is the four track line between Cardiff and Newport in Wales. When I used to work that bit, I could see for a good couple of miles ahead and all the automatic signals changing etc.
Most of the lines I worked one didnt have to go far to find another curve, and even lines that looked straight were ever so gently curved!
In a way, like ones own trainset there will be areas of both. It is more about getting a natural flowing look rather then a straight that runs parallel to the boards edge and then has fixed radius curves at either end. Nothing wrong with fixed radius curves. It is just finding a way of making them look more natural in their layout setting. There is no hard at fast rule. Certain ideas help by staggering the track plan or adding a gentle curve instead of a straight to take the mind away from the "Oval" look that trainsets tend to give. Scenery can also help to make the layout feel more natural. It is all a learning curve of artistic flair and each person has a different approach to it.
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