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Yeah that’s pretty much what I did!
Two orders for track for that reason exactly!
Damn! Points add up!
Enough with the exclamation marks.......

The box of flexi I thought was a lot until I tallied up the point work.
It really does pay to shop around.
I bought some items also from track shack (along with some non essentials)
As they happened to be marginally cheaper on this or that.

(Thinking aloud)
One thing for sure, you at least have some experience of train modelling/electrics etc.
I went in blind, only knowing that I wanted a train set, because it ties many of my hobbies together in one neat bundle. Model making and electronics.....ideal.

It has beeen a few months since I last did any work on the layout though.
I really must get back into it!

I just looked at your track plan!
I have been thinking about a fiddle yard mod to my plan so far,
Those 3 way points are really expensive yes!
I noticed that when looking at ideas.......

You can only drink so much lemonade

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