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Question Cobalt IP Analog turnout motor

I am preparing to fit my first Analog Cobalt to my DCC layout. The instructions state "If you do not use our Switch packs, then you will need to cross-wire a DPDT switch like this example".
Whilst wiring up the DPDT is not difficult it is nevertheless tricky. So I referred to the DCC concepts page relating to Switch packs. They list 3 different packs for Cobalt IP Analogue the only difference being the colours of the LEDs.
With each they state "Please use with an SPS-12 split-rail power supply".
I am confused! Do I have to buy even more kit in order to proceed?
Can any member(s) provide enlightenment, please?
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If you just want to move the point motor from one position to the other and back again you will need a Double Pole Double Throw switch - DPDT
Two wires connect to the middle set of wiring tags and these go to the motors input connection 1 & 2 on Cobalt's IP.
A 9v to 12 volt DC power supply and ideally of the regulated type feeds everything. So a pair of wires from the supply connect to one end of the switches tabs (doesn't really matter which end). So positive is on one tab and negative on the opposite tab. In addition you will need to link bottom left tab to top right and bottom right tab to top left.
Operating the switch causes the feed to the motor to be reversed or straight depending on which way the switch is set to.

The wiring diagram at the very bottom of this page Link 1 shows the connections. Note its shown for a Tortoise motor and these use motor connections 1 & 8, Cobalt IP use 1 & 2, but the idea is the exactly the same.

If you want LEDs operated by the feed to the point motor (Note these do not prove the motor has actually moved just that the power has been sent to the motor to move it) use two LEDs wired together in inverse parallel and connect them in series with the feed wire to the Cobalt No 1 connection. No series resistor is needed. You can of course use a two wire Bi coloured LED instead of two separate LEDs if wished. Reverse their two LED connections if red shows when green is required. Again wired in series in the No 1 feed wire to the motor. Example Bi Coloured LED Link 2

If you want to actually prove the motor has moved, then use the contacts on the cobalt to feed the LEDs separately.
Broken? It was working when I left it!
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Thank you, Flashbang , for your instructive reply.

I have now ordered some DCC Concepts DPDTs. Although the pack comes with LEDs I have taken note of your "Link 2" and ordered some bi-coloureds to thus give myself a choice once I get that far!

It appears that I can forget about DCC Concepts reference to their SPS-12, thank goodness.
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