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Mountain Goat
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Start with the rails and fill in the surrounding material. Many use card or plastic. I used plaster of paris and as it was almost set, I then took an old thick flanged Triang wagon back and fore to create suitable grooves for the wheel flanges to run in. One can use something like Das modelling clay instead.
The card method is the most popular. Build up card to the desired height and the top piece is a scenic card with the required detail printed on it (E.g. cobbles etc. Many such sheets are available from the likes of Metcalfe and others in various scales).
I hope this helps. Just remember the rails come first. Its a whole lot easier both in model form and in real life.
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Mike Parkes
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Originally Posted by Bunkerbarge View Post
But if it is already fitted it isn't an issue is it?
No but for someone trying to source a decoder its makes a number of other decoders available for use - Coastal DCCs decoder selector
lists only three as being 10mm or less
CT Electronik DCX74zDN and DCX77zdN, and Zimo MX616F to which judging by the manual Dapols own 6 pin decoder can be added (if anyone can find one)
By increasing the max length to 10.6mm a further three decoders can be chosen from
Digitrax DZ125IN(which is rebadged as the Gaugemaster DCC23), Lenz Silver Mini and ESU lokpilot micro v4.

All ignoring the seemingly yet to appear Dapol decoder (price unkown as far as I can tell) are typically over 30 except the Gaugemaster DCC23 so giving a 10mm limit in the manual if not accurate is potentially forcing DCC users who do not buy a dcc fitted example to potentially spend more on decoder than they need to.
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Chief Vinter
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It's a bit like hattons Andrew Barclays where they first said their own decoder would fit but had to retract their statement as it would not and charge their customers the difference
Their is quite a bit on other forums about these Mike if it helps but the standard fit seems to be the gaugemaster
But as I said earlier add the price of the loco to the price of the decoder plus fitting cost this is why I think the Dcc fitted version is extremely good value with no bits broke or lost
If it's green I am in
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Mike Parkes
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Agree that the dcc fitted one is a good buy for dcc users as it can be sourced for less than the dcc ready one + decoder cost, which makes a nice change from the usual +10-20 mark up on top of the dcc ready loco and decoder. Manufacturers really ought to make it clear what decoder is in a dcc fitted loco so purchasers can make an informed purchase.
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The Sligo Rover
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Thankyou Mountain Goat. I will have a trial,bash using some scrap parts.
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