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Default 009 Layout and track

I am still 00 at my heart, but after a lot of soul searching and thinking I am unsure of when or where my 00 gauge layout can or will be situated as at the moment it does not appear to be feasable until financially I am more secure for buying or doing out a space fit for a bigger layout.

On that I have been thinking about 009, I had a chat to some of the guys at the local model shop, his opinion is now that peco are in the market with RTR loco's on their way and the setrack they already sell that it will be the next big thing.

As i'm not one to follow the next big thing as I actively avoid 'popular' tv shows for this reason.
I was thinking of having a dabble before it becomes the IT thing haha

I have a small area I could make a layout in, only 40 inches by 20 inches which is actually enough for a roundy round loop and some sidings on the inside. Possibly with a mine setting, and a tunnel at the back to give it some scenic variety between the mine and the running round.

I am focusing on finishing my shunting station layout atm but I wanted to see your thoughts, especially if you have any experience in 009.

Also does the European (roco for example) track connect up to peco?
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Bachmann are also producing RTR 009 product and others are making kits for self assembly........HB
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I dont know about the Roco track, but is used to have H0e before 009 RTR models arrived. I found them to be lovely things. The locos and coaches were expensive but back then, wagons were very reasonably priced.
Though DCC is available, I'd stick to DC as when I took the bodies off those little locos they were so crammed in with minute parts, I think it is easier to use DC. Of corse, its a personal preference.
I did find that it was more important to clean track for 009, but others dont agree with this statement. It is my personal recollection when I compared it to 00 gauge. I find 0-16.5 to be like 00 except as I can add extra weight, the locos have this advantage.
I certainly like what 009 has to offer.
For me, I found 0-16.5 liberating as I can scratchbuild on the cheap. However one really needs a 2ft wide board to turn in. So its back to 009.
009 and H0e can be freely mixed and there is now a good selection in ready to run form. There is a 009 gauge society. Do a quick check that the locos and coaches will negotiate the curves you want them to use. I seem to remember my H0e locos needing 2ft to turn 180.

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Have a look at Osborn's Models, lot of useful info here.... .......HB
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