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Originally Posted by BigTed View Post
It's a weird one.

I totally agree with you Steve - it SHOULD be alignment. However, I'm getting pretty good at this - this one is around number 10 or 11 on my motor quest. And it's about 1 inch from the edge of the baseboard, nearside, and at 90 degrees. So alignment is pretty straightforward.

Yes. Away from the baseboard, the motor flicks under its own steam.

I unmounted it and remounted it. Exactly the same. Weak in one direction.

In the end I removed it and replaced the motor and that one worked flawlessly.

I'll probably put it under another set of points and see if it was just an anomaly.
Just to finish this story...

I've now run out of motors and money (again) so went back to this motor to see if I could get it working.

And it is now.

Steve you were closest with loosening screws.

Looks like the original screw had gone in too hard and had split the mounting bracket, so the whole thing was being pinned far too close to the board on one side.

I had loosened the screw somewhat but, not having seen what the issue actually was, I hadn't loosened it anywhere near enough.

Anyway, working now!
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