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This is a genuine story from the Aviation industry:-

Pilots have a form they fill in and hand over at the end of a flight to the ground crew to inform maintenance of any issues found with the aeroplane, so that the maintenance engineers can investigate and fix before the plane before it fly's again.
One day, a flight crew submitted a form along the following words....

"Both Pilots noticed a repeating banging sound emanating from the nose of the aircraft, we can only describe it as Gremlins hammering the on the side of the internal frame"

The next day, the pilots were due to fly the same plane, so they read the overnight maintenance report, as completed by the night shift in answer to their fault report. It read as follows....

"Banging in nose cone found to be Gremlins with hammers. Hammers removed from their possession and a severe telling off given, not to do it again!"

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