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Originally Posted by Tricky Dicky View Post
...................... Programming is not my strength but the structure of the program would use a random number generator to select which output/s would go high with a second random number generator to determine the delay thus how long the outputs remained high. Terry fancy a challenge?..................................Richar d
Thanks Richard!

I do have a lot of buildings with lights. When I installed them I used individual LDR circuits to switch them on, and as the ambient room light is dimmed slowly they do come on independently. Of course once the ambient light is low enough they all stay on so the effect is over. I have considered random on/off lighting but I would need to almost destroy the buildings (mostly Metcalfe card) to get access to the wiring as I always ensure a leak proof finish. So to get a realistic effect I cover up some of the windows from inside during the build process, and perhaps have separate leds for each floor. A couple of examples attached.
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