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Last Sunday I got to see T gauge running. The first time I've seen it other then online or in magazines. It really is small. Tiny in fact. I had a nice conversation with the owner who was a stall holder and he did say that it took a lot of cleaning before a run. He was saying how small the wheels were and how he needed to remove them to clean them. There's me complaining about cleaning 00 and 0-16.5 wheels! I now see that my wheel cleaning is luxury compared to T gauge.
It was really worth looking at it and to see it running. I can just see making a layout where one can build a large amount of buildings and landscape to make it look like one was flying overhead from an aircraft and looking down... Impressive stuff!

I can say that T gauge locos are motorised and they also have magnets to assist in keeping them on the track so in this way they are well behaved (The one I saw was). Not sure about pointwork or other items like bodies etc.
On a personal note, I like these little things but I would say the best of the small scales would be N gauge as Z tends to be too expensive, and T is microscopic and does need regular cleaning of the track and the tiny wheels.

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