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Originally Posted by yelrow View Post
i cant get my head round end to end, although i accept if space is an issue, it may be the only way. When you start the hobby, by buying a set for example, nobody sells an end to end set. Hence my 2 tier idea. Admittedly, i have masses of space, but my layout, is in the centre of the room, 3 tiers high.john
Hi John - Multi level would be difficult with an operating surface 10x2. Roger operates 00 gauge. If you only have a small area, and I consider my dedicated room which is 10x7 to be small. If you want reasonable curves at each end of your layout, the curves have to start well before you get to the end of the room, therefore reducing the straight sections. I can just about cope with three-coach trains, anything longer would be too long. Barry
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