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As the previous post might suggest, we've made a bit of progress with the first incline of late.

I had all kinds of concerns about running an incline, mainly because the vast majority of my locos are old 70s/80s things with relatively long trains.

I'd initially planned to have a single 3% gradient incline but, aware of the potential issues, I managed to find the space to run a 2% incline.

Unable to avoid curves, I'd squeezed in two 36" 90 degree curves, the widest I could fit in.

Also, with long Class 43 and HSTs running with two motor cars in consist, I was concerned about how push / pull consists would fare on the incline.

As it happens, largely I needn't have been concerned.

Only an old Lima King George V which is slightly heavier than a sheet of A4 paper struggled. The rest handled it comfortably.

A single Class 43 (old Ringfield replaced with CD motor and ballast added) pulling a rake of 6 Lima full length Mk3s spun its wheels a bit, but got there. A similar train with consist power cars at each end, pulling 7 short Hornby Mk3s was comfortable.

So I'm happy with progress. The next step is a 3% incline with a sharper bend on it. I have some powerbase strips for that one, let's see how it goes.

Here's some video footage of trying out the incline, and accidentally driving my favourite train off it at full height.

Thanks to everyone who helped answer the various questions I asked across various threads.
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