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Originally Posted by Tinker View Post
Some does and don't when using a banking loco, if you don't remove the coupling the banking loco becomes part of the train and will require some sort of uncoupling means at the top pf the incline, if the coupling is removed you can only bank a train on straight track any curve will result in the buffers interlocking and a derailment will result. The real thing happened regularly from White City to Willesden High Level a coupe of miles with 4 signal boxes involved and the banking loco not coupled to the train.
Thanks - I've been wondering about this.

My plan was to remove the coupling hooks from the banking loco (thanks for the terminology!) but not the coupler. That'll make it quicker and easier to uncouple.

When planning the upper tier I'll see if I can put a short siding in somewhere near the top so I can think about sticking an uncoupler in there so I don't have to do it manually.

Is my only option for a tension lock uncuopler one of those cheap plastic Peco ones? Do they work at speed as well as when stopping over them?

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. The frog power seitchers arrived today so I've installed tham and now have, for the first time, a consistently reliable layout.

The same delivery had some ballast in it so next job is to lay ballast over areas of the track that will be hard to get to once the incline and upper deck are in place.

I had in my mind that I'd just do it manually, shove a little screwdriver in and gently lift the hook, but I'll see if I can
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