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Ah my new friends, thank you all for the welcomes.

I am not sure where I should start posting queries and such, as I believe this is just the introduction thread?

Maz066, you raised a couple of things I need to look into further, which I will get back to later, but for now point 1.

Before joining I came across a few posts here discussing N gauge that mentioned poor eye sight and shaking hands – I suffer from both (62 in a couple of weeks). So last week I bought an N scale Metcalfe manor farm kit as I needed to get some perspective on the size (I am not buying any trains or track until I am sure I want to go ahead) and boy oh boy wasn’t that an effort to put together. You are not wrong about that issue.

However space is my problem, as well as portability. I am a renter and here in Aus if you’re a renter your “castle” can be sold out from under you. At any time I could find myself having to move (again).

And then there is what I would like. I really want to be able to run two (short) trains on separate but linked circuits and a couple of sidings to park them on – I wouldn’t be able to do this with ho/oo on a 4’x3’ layout, indeed it seems I may be pushing my luck here even with N gauge (I have the free version of AnyRail6).

And so I feel I need to persevere with N gauge, though perhaps a stronger pair of magnifying glasses might be in order and I do have a 5” magnifying glass with led lights that mounts to my work area.

In any case, the answers to some other questions may force me to rethink the set up – we will see.
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