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If you click on the picture in post #5 to enlarge it and look at the lower part where there is an upright flat tube with the wires through it and fore and aft of this are two hook shaped things that stop the bogie falling out of the round hole in the part above it but allow for some radial movement. One of these broke off.

The hooks that secure the directional lighting bulbs are about the same size but getting them to glue in place strongly enough is a problem, so it's find another option time.

The plan is to crop all the lower gibbons off flush and insert a plastic or wooden dowel post to suit the upper pivot tube then put a washer on top and secure with a self tapper. Radial movement can be limited by gluing on a small block to the post. But I shall have a look at some other bogies to see if I can find a likely donor part.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
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