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Originally Posted by Chuff Chuff View Post
Hi Flash Bang.
I am using 16/02 wire the DC supply is a Gaugemaster WM1 Power supply which can be either 12vDC or 16-23Ac. I can't see how it can bind as the hole is quite large. I have had the motor off the point and it works ok when not in the Tie-Bar
As Steve has said, the Seep PM1 or others in that range of motors are particularly prone to not working correctly if they are fitted slightly out of alinement.
You must fit it exactly in line with the points tie bar across the point. Also ensure that when the point blades are held in the middle (two little pieces of 16./0.2mm wire work well as spacers on OO points!) the motors drive pin/slide rod is exactly centre of its travel too.

Alternatively your power supply on DC isn't quite powerful enough to overcome the mechanical movement needed to operate the point over and back. Try it on the 16v AC output. This wont hurt the Seep.

A CDU (Capacitor Discharge Unit) may also help? Only one is needed for the whole layout normally.
A CDU delivers a 'Beefy' pulse of power to the motors coil. It also gives the added advantage that should a switch be left in the On position for too long the motors coil cannot burn out, as very little current flows once the capacitor has discharged and the CDU can not recharge until all the point switches are in their Off positions. Note a CDU doesn't work too well with Hornby R044 levers but is fine with all other levers and switches.

Also worth checking... With the motor removed and by using your finger, to see if there any binding of the points moving tie bar in one direction?
Broken? It was working when I left it!
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