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Well there have been miracles since in that some of the class 03's still survive. My friend owns one and he is hoping to reopen the line.
Here is where more miracles have happened. He on e had a phone call. A well known museum happened to have a loco with connections to the railway which they didnt have the time to restore. It had been with them in the back for many years out of the publics view. My friend didnt even know it existed as he was trying to trace the old locos to get the line up and running again. (The bottom part of the line to Burry Port is a cyclepath but the top half has rail access to Kidwelly though it has become overgrown). He found the loco was one which was built in 1900 for the line and it was sold into colliery service around 1915 as the railway needed more powerful locos instead. (It is an Avonside saddle tank loco). Though it needs restoring, it is in remarkable condition having had a new boiler fitted by the national coal board prior to it ending up in the museum.
Another miracle then tool place in that it was missing its piston rods. There was talk of casting some new ones from the old engineering drawings. Then one day my friend happened to be at a certain preserved railway to get a part for his class 03. Someone there had bought a job lot of GWR parts and with the GWR, all parts were standard lengths and sizes. However some parts were of different sizes and he took my friend to show him. Well, the very parts which were the odd size were the ones that were missing from my friends locomotive!
I've not seen him for over a year so I'm not sure if there has been any progress on the loco. When they moved it out of the museum the only access was by rail and EWS was supposed to send a low loader wagon but instead they sent a standard flat wagon. Some quick thinking and the cab and chimney were removed, so the last time I saw the loco it was looking something like one of my narrow gauge donor locos after surgery and before making new cab and chimney!
There have been quite a few local stories of the line. The bottom half still floods in the winter even though the cycle path has been raised around the tunnel. Above the tunnel is a footpath which a very early tramway once ran to take coal from Stanley's Pit to Pembrey Harbour. There was another line joining Burry Port to Pembrey Country Park where the Nobels Explosives works used to be.

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