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Default The Sound of Buffers!

The sound of clonking metal against metal is an aspect which I liked when I briefly tried SM32. This is an aspect I have when using metal central buffers in 0-16.5. It is why I prefer solid buffers (Made from drawing pins... Or thumb tacks for USA readers) rather then sprung type. I simply like the sound. It may not be loud, but its there.
It is only really from 7mm scale and up where one can hear this quality in both standard and narrow gauge forms, and is something I used to hear as a child as we probably had one of Britains last unfitted regular freight trains going through our village twice daily which were triple headed by class 03's. We could hear the clashing buffers as the train came to a stop at its destination over a mile away in the next village.
One could replicate these sounds in a smaller scale via the excellent DCC sound decoders but, like a loco with sound which is not synchronised with the movement (Which can be very difficult to get it just right and I've not quite succeeded with my class 37 yet!) Hearing a sound of buffers which dont come from the buffers themselves or are timed differently just sounds and looks all wrong where one would not have noticed if there was no sound there in the first place.
But real sound from clashing buffers is priceless. It is so impressive that one is tempted to shunt as roughly as possible just to hear the sound they make.
I'm not quite sure if O gauge sprung buffers clash with a noise like unsprung ones do as my only experience with O gauge were on a clubs layout where I didnt listen much at the time.

Probably the large metallic rolling stock of the large scales with metal buffers give the best effect in sound.
Anyone else love the sound of buffers clashing or is it just me?
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