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Originally Posted by Bunkerbarge View Post
I watched it and, party because I am particularly interested in LNER, I found it really interesting. Good to see traditional materials and processes used and, at the end, it really brought a tear to my eye to see such a stunningly beautiful coach back on the rails.

I think the programme was a bit over simplified and I find Peter Snow a bit condescending at times but, being TV aimed at the masses, it was never going to be perfect for a railway enthusiast.

My challenge now is how I recreate that beautiful finish in OO scale, and then realistically weather it to represent a heavily used 1948 version!
I found it very interesting and just wished they had spent a little more time explaining the restoration process and techniques rather than focussing on all the fun Peter Snow is going to have driving the train!

I was impressed at the lengths they went to find teak to replace the panels, in the sixties and seventies teak was very much the in vogue material for furniture now it is an endangered species, how times change?

They never explained the material they used for under the canvas which when it was originally made I suspect it would have been pitch. In restoration terms how close to the original do they need to get? There was plenty of evidence the carriage had been modified over its working lifetime and some of the repairs were being done with modern materials such as posidrive screws. It is just that a friend of mine is a VW camper van enthusiast and tells me that for the really genuine restorations they have to reproduce what came out of the factory even down to the right number of spot welds on a seam.

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