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I did have a nice run down from Washington to collect them!

Many thanks for the boards PJB, they will go well with the existing baseboards and layout I have, more than doubling the area available. I made some basic mistooks on my first set of boards, they will enable me to improve a great deal on my ideas and the order in which I do things.

I've spent something like 5years planning the layout, changing almost weekly the aims and layout. Over the time I've been planning I've come to realise that I need to do more than just lay some track and run some trains. I've amassed a massive amount of track from e-bay and donations as well as a large eclectic collection of locomotives and wagon and coaches. Some of those are in what I now recognise as poor condition, others are very usable.

I've a mixture of original grey Tri-ang track from the early 60's, some little amount of Series 3 Hornby, a large amount of System 4 track and an even bigger amount of System 6. Somehow I've also accumulated some Trix, Hornby 3 rail and Jeouf track.

A lot of work to do!
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