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Originally Posted by Walkingthedog View Post
Hey Rod sorry for your loss.
Nothing is to do with you or anybody else in particular. Just banter, something I had at work for 37 years. It's a great thing, lets people blow off steam occasionally. Where I worked wouldn't have functioned without it believe me. Once said it's forgotten.
There is a time and place for banter Brian....has one gets older one has a little bit more respect I of all days the member of my family who is (was) 9 years old won’t be able to have any banter for 37+ years mate....I won’t have a niece to have her gorgeous smile any more around us....I won’t go into why she passed eye’s are full of tears now just thinking of her....that’s why I said i wanted to die... instead of her....and yes some of these posts that are on here are complete rubbish....moaning and asking stupid questions...there is more to life Brian....sorry mate..just to much for me at the moment...sorry for my’s not called for...wish I could talk to someone with out these tears.......
N Gauge for me. But I am going to do OO has well.
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