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Mountain Goat is an unknown quantity at this point

Take a look just under the tender body. You should see some cogs if it is tender drive. The easiest way to tell is whichever wheels dont freely move when you try to rotate them with your fingers will be the drive wheels.
The tender drives are hidden under an enlarged quantity of coal.
The electrical contact for tender drives uses the wheels on one side of the tender (The other side normally has rubber traction tyres so can't provide an electrical connection), and the connection for the other side goes through to the locomotive part and uses the locomotive wheels via a little electrical connection which doubles up as the tenders mechanical means of connecting the tender to the loco.

It maybe that the new models are loco drive as if they have made the change, won't have any visible black cogs and the four loco drive wheels will not rotate unless they have power applied to them.

I'm intrigued.

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