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I think you have stated the thing that has pleased most of us in this hobby. The "I built that" feeling.
I used to get it with 00 and a little with a small layout in N gauge (Never did get a layout made with H0e).
I get it by the bucket loads with building a small 0-16.5 layout as everything has been made except the controller and a few small things. The more involved you are in what you make, the greater the rewards are to this personal feeling.
I used to look at exhibitions and mainly watch the 00 gauge layouts as it is what I could relate to the most when in 00 gauge,which is understandable. However, since I've done a lot more kit and scratchbuilding (And what I make is relatively simple as modelling goes), I give much respect on any layout that I've seen where most is scratch and or kit built. It seems the satisfaction of a job well done spurts one into more ideas for more projects, untill one day ones layout is complete!
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