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SOOTY1951 02-01-2018 05:32 PM

Points problem again
Original posting
I need some help please. I am using 5 Peco side mounted turnout motors on my track. I have successfully wired up 4 of them using terminal blocks to 4 Peco passing contact changeovers in the Peco switch module unit (PL50). I am using the Gaugemaster CDU unit.

However the fifth one is proving a nightmare. Without the electricity switched on , when I connect the black wire into the module unit, I get a slight electric crackling noise and when the green and red are connected and the electricity then switched on, nothing works nor do the other 4. Why does it make that noise if the electricity is not switched on?
When that 5th one is disconnected, all the other 4 work ok.
I am a total novice re electrics so not sure what the problem is.
Is it a defective point motor?
Is it the 5th switch module extension (PL5) which is faulty?
Hope someone can help?

New Posting (2/1/18)

Hi, itís me again. Something has happened and none of my 5 surface mounted point motors now work! Have taken apart the Peco PL-50 turnout switch module apart to see if I can get the individual modules to work one by one but to no avail. I have started with the black one Ö.do I need to strip more wiring? (have tried to attach 4 photos from my pc but for some reason it hasn't worked)
The layout is DCC but I wanted to control the points by using these modules.
Would it be the CDU? I get a crackling noise when I connect the wires into the black module add-on when I attach the green wire.
Alternatively, is there a simpler way of working the points using a wireless control and if so what do members recommend?

Do any members live in the Yatton area west of Bristol who could help?

SOOTY1951 11-01-2018 06:07 PM

Points problem now solved
Points problem now solved

Rog (RJ) 11-01-2018 07:26 PM

What was the solution? Your feedback may help someone else.

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